I’m a shrimper. Okay, well not anymore…and when you take the heads off thousands of shrimp every day, you’ll see why I sought a career change. So now I’m in a dirtier business: politics.

I’ve been involved with Democratic politics and campaigns for the better part of the past decade. I’ve worked on the ground for Presidential campaigns in North Carolina, South Carolina and New Hampshire. I’ve served on various levels within the Democratic Party, having held leadership roles in High School Democrats, College Democrats and currently as Chairman of the NC 8th Congressional District Democratic Party.

In 2018, I was proud to manage a Democratic campaign in a Tier III legislative district when Democrats broke the GOP Supermajority in the NC General Assembly. Additionally, I have managed and consulted for various federal, state and local Democratic campaigns. Before taking on a campaign I’ve only had one rule: the candidate has to want it more than I do.

I am an expert in paid communications, having produced television ads, direct mail pieces and digital ads strategies for federal, state and local campaigns. I’m also an expert in fundraising, both from the small-dollar grassroots level to the major dollar level. Most importantly, though, I consider myself an expert at keeping a candidate calm and in-the-know, which can be very important in stressful situations. A more granular view of my portfolio is below.

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Frank McNeill for Congress, 2018

Frank McNeill ran for Congress in 2018. Frick served as his Finance Director and as Political Director. In both roles, Frick collaborated with the campaign manager and the consulting team to design the direct mail, digital ads and television commercials for McNeill’s primary and general election.

rick Foulke for nc house, 2018

In 2017 the NC House Democratic Caucus recruited Frick to design a website and set up a campaign for Dr. Rick Foulke, a retired oncologist running in a Tier II house district. Frick went onto become Foulke’s full time campaign manager and directly collaborated with the House caucus and the consulting team to design a direct mail and digital ad campaign.

carson snyder for nc house, 2016

In 2015, Dylan Frick recruited Carson Snyder to run for the N.C. House against Rep. Justin Burr. With no assistance from the NC House Democratic Caucus, Frick served as the lone chief strategist for the campaign. Running on a limited budget, Frick directed a grassroots campaign with town hall-style meetings around the district, letter to the editor campaigns, and a few direct mail pieces.